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Bama Dixie Aviation is the only locally owned full service FBO available at the Tuscaloosa Regional Airport (KTCL). In service since 1998, our certified line personnel will handle all your aircraft servicing needs quickly and accurately. Our highly qualified mechanics perform maintenance on all types of single and multi-engine airplanes, including both piston and turbine installations. Dixie Air’s friendly office staff will handle all of your requirements, and the ground transportation you request by telephone or Unicom will be ready and waiting when you arrive on the ramp!

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Our FBO facilities include wireless Internet, a spacious lobby and a flight planning room with MxVision Aviation Sentry Radar & Internet access. There is a full bathroom available with a shower, and a comfortable & private pilots lounge. We have complete meeting room facilities available for your convenience, and our kitchen includes provisions for food preparation & refrigeration, as well as a dishwasher. We service our incoming aircraft with high quality Avfuel with both 100LL and Jet A available for your request.

Other Services Include:
6,000 lb Capacity Forklift for Cargo
Catering / Refreshments
Limo Service, Courtesy Car
Aircraft Maintenance & Rentals
Hangar Space